Our know-how

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Creation, high standards and daring

For a number of years, dedicated artisans have been bold enough to embrace the adventure of creating spirits unique in the world. Thanks to their experiments, their curiosity and their eagerness to innovate and to distinguish themselves at the international level, they’re transforming our natural riches into pleasures for the palate.

Québec know-how is genuine and forward-thinking. It resembles nothing that exists at this point in time, but absorbs everything. It borrows methods and types of still from all around the world, adapting them to our realities and our cultural heritage.

Québec distilleries are evolving together towards an unabashed and open-minded expertise. They’re exploring and sharing their discoveries among themselves and with consumers.

The steps in producing a spirit

the must

The process essentially begins thanks to the fermentable sugars contained in a raw material (cereals, fruit, maple, honey, etc.). From that material a sweet liquid called “must” is prepared, through soaking, pressing or cooking.

the must

Under the influence of yeasts, the sugars in the must are transformed into alcohol in a few days. The type of yeasts added, the temperature, and the length of the fermentation will all have an impact on the final result.


When the fermented liquid is boiled, the alcohol (more volatile than water) is the first thing to evaporate. Its vapors are collected, and then cooled and liquefied by means of a condenser.

and aging

The distilled alcohol can then undergo stages of conditioning, aging and finishing before the spirit is bottled.

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