Our spirits

Dq 4 Spiritueux Mg 1546
Bottling our identity

Spirits from here are a reflection of who we are: they present a unique and inspired blend of our history, our environment and our regions, combined with our aptitude for observing and acquiring, the better to reinvent. In recent decades, Quebecers have shown the world their ability to achieve the highest possible standards of quality when it comes to creating for the table. This is the Québec distillers’ vision: to create products of impeccable quality in a spirit committed to revealing an exceptional land.

Our distilleries are active in the four corners of Québec. As young as they are, they already convey a strong identity, one marked by their host villages and accents.

Spirits from this part of the world are also defined in terms of partnerships among producers, gatherers and even among distillers themselves, who meet in order to draw further inspiration from one another and, once again, establish what is possible, together.

Two designations of origin to earn recognition for Québec spirits

We’re currently working on creating two designations of origin controlling the production of one-of-a-kind products, true showcases for the province’s terroir:

IGP Spiritueux 100% Québec: A protected geographical indication aimed at identifying spirits essentially made up of Québec inputs, both in the raw materials used and in the flavorings.

IGP Acerum: A protected geographical indication governing the production of maple brandy that comes exclusively from the distillation of Québec maple sap or syrup.