Our terroir

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The riches of Québec

Boldly, creatively and expertly, the distillers of Québec are exploring our region and paying tribute to its wealth of natural resources: our soil, our climate and our culture. They’re transforming local raw materials and aromatics into distinctive spirits with an unmistakable identity.

From forest to field, from seashore to orchard, Québec distilleries bottle the spirit and the diversity of our “terroir.”

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Vast and wild, the boreal forest is home to flavorful flora – herbs and spices, nuts, mushrooms, coniferous trees like maples, berries and more – with surprising tastes.

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The grain growing on the fertile farmlands of Québec offers an abundant raw material. From those fields, herbs are also harvested, along with vegetables and aromatic types of plants.

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In the cool salty ocean air bordering the Gulf of St. Lawrence, seaweed and shoreline vegetation brave winds and tides before making their way to the bottle.

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Apples, pears, berries, honey, wildflowers – our orchards make up a veritable playground of resources and flavors, which distillers exquisitely show off.

Water, the spirit of our region

From these vast spaces, dominated by the untamed nature of the Canadian Shield, pours a unique and invaluable resource: water. Indispensable to producing highest-quality spirits, that treasure positions Québec as a perfect region for the creation of distilled products of uncompromising purity.

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